We are Trang and Jacqueline. We're best friends, business partners and the creators of knotbaby.  


Six years ago, we found ourselves deep in the trenches of the corporate world. It was a fast paced, demanding environment that we loved, but also left us feeling unfulfilled. We sought out to find something that we were passionate about, but also allowed us to be present with our growing families. In 2017, knotbaby was founded. At that time, it was nothing but a brand and a product that we thought every baby should have.


Today, knotbaby is a growing collection of products that we, as mothers, feel good about creating. We are known for our high quality, neutral basics, that you can’t get enough of. We have grown to an amazing team of mothers who hand make each and every headwrap. For our garments, we have chosen to partner with local manufacturers which allows us to support the families in our community. 


Being able to create is something we can truly call our passion. Thank you for allowing us to create for your littles. We are so grateful for your support!



XO, Trang and Jacqueline